Regenfix | ReGenFix Basic
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ReGenFix Basic

Years of experience in working with chromatography as well as with organic and inorganic compounds have resulted in the development and implementation of ReGenFix.

ReGenFix consists in an amphiphilic and amphoteric formula which is able to actively dissolve all the impurities which are normally present in the chromatography columns.

Our innovative formula is not based on detergents, it does not alter resins and columns stability and performance and does not leave residues afterwards.

Thanks to ReGenFix technology, all the impurities present in the columns are efficiently solubilized and virtually no column is too dirty for us to regenerate it and fix it.

You can say goodbye to stacks of exhausted columns in your lab and say hello to ReGenFix!


When should I ReGenFix my column?

You can send us your used columns as soon as you think they don’t perform anymore as they should. The reasons for regenerating your columns can be different: stacking (high pressure and related problems), resins that have changed colour (they turned brown or yellow), decreased resolution and separation capacity.

When you get to this point you can contact us and we will explain you how to send us the columns.


Which type of dirt can be removed by ReGenFix with respect to normal regeneration laboratory procedure?

ReGenFix formula has been developed to remove from a used chromatography columns all sort of impurities like nucleic acids, lipids, pectins and many other unwanted substances which normally cannot be removed by ordinary laboratory procedures.


Which quality are we able to deliver after ReGenFixing your column?

Columns can be regenerated with ReGenFix about 3-4 times or more depending on the condition under which the column was used.


Aren’t you convinced yet by our ReGenFix procedure?

Just try it! Send to us one of your stacked, unclear and exhausted columns destined to the garbage bin and you will get back your column with the performance of a new column.