ReGenFix Technology

The ReGenFix procedure is much more than just an “in-place cleaning” of your columns. Years of experience in working with chromatography as well as with organic and inorganic compounds have resulted in the development and implementation of ReGenFix.

Our formula consists of amphiphilic and amphoteric components that are able to actively dissolve all the impurities normally present in the chromatography columns.

Our innovative formula is not based on detergents, it does not alter resins, column stability, or performances, and does not leave residues afterward.

Thanks to our technology, all the impurities present in the columns are efficiently removed and no column is too dirty for us to regenerate and fix it.

Moreover, we always provide you with a technical report. For instance, in the case of size exclusion chromatography, we will run a standard marker and acetone, giving you the final plots and the values of the reduced plate height, asymmetry factor, and the number of theoretical plates/meter.

After the ReGenFix treatment, your column will perform like a brand-new one. This means that our treatment will be extremely useful in procedures of protocols’ standardization either for low-scale production, such as the ones in laboratories, or in industrial-scale productions.

You can say goodbye to stacks of exhausted columns in your lab and say hello to ReGenFix!


ReGenFix Basic