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chromatography column regeneration
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How it works

Years of experience in working with chromatography as well as with organic and inorganic compounds have resulted in the development and implementation of ReGenFix.

ReGenFix consists of an amphiphilic and amphoteric formula that is able to actively dissolve all the impurities which are normally present in the chromatography columns.

The most important feature of ReGenFix is the ability to dissolve also the most non-removable impurities that cause overpressure, stacking, and color changing. ReGenFix also works on residual lipids and, in general, on hydrophobic and hydrophilic impurities from different sources.

Regenerate and Fix

In our laboratories, we will perform a ReGenFix treatment on your used chromatography columns to remove all the possible stacked impurities. If the columns are in a so-called “bad shape”, we will happily unpack and repack the resin and give you back a calibrated and standardized column that will work perfectly like a brand new one.

We collect your used columns

Don’t throw out your used, old, and exhausted pre-packed column (or resin) for protein and nucleic acid chromatography! Send them to us instead! We will regenerate them and bring them back to life again.

Save loads of money

Wherever your lab is located around the world, within 15 days you will receive your regenerated, completely standardized, and ready-to-use columns at a fraction of the price of a brand-new one.

Our technology

The ReGenFix procedure is much more than just an “on place cleaning” of your columns.

After the ReGenFix treatment, your column will perform like a brand-new one. This means that the ReGenFix treatment will be extremely useful in procedures of protocols’ standardization either for low scale production, such as the ones in laboratories or in industrial-scale productions.

Discover our services

Depending on the type of your chromatography columns, such as affinity (e.g. NiNTA, Talon), size exclusion chromatography (e.g. Superdex, Superose, Sephacryl), ionic exchange chromatography (e.g. Q, S, SP, DEAE sepharose) and many more, we are able to provide a wide range of regeneration services.

ReGenFix Basic

If the performance of your column is not satisfactory anymore but your column is apparently looking fine, it might need a deep cleaning with our ReGenFix method, which maximizes the removal of lipids and other impurities of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic origin.

ReGenFix Plus

If your column needs “extra care” as in the case of internal cracks, lack of resin, broken pieces (e.g. column body), we will unpack it to deeply clean each component, add fresh resin to give you back the original column volume, replace the broken pieces, repack and calibrate it.

ReGenFix Premium

Are you dealing with a high number of columns? Our subscription service is designed for planning columns’ regeneration according to your experimental needs. We will take care of your columns and you will gain more time and serenity for yourself and your research.

Profitable Recycling

If you prefer to buy new columns and anyway you have to discharge your old ones, we offer you a way to help your budget and contribute to reducing the research footprint on carbon emissions. We will give you an estimate of your used columns and we will buy them from you.

ReGenFix is an Academic Spin-off
at the University of Cagliari
Contact us at (general inquiry) or (technical inquiry).
We will reply within two/three working days.
ReGenFix S.r.l. – P.I. 03917790929 – Via Carducci 34, Sardara, 09030 (CA)